Toys for your 1 – 2 years old kids

Now a days it has become easy to choose the toys for your 1-2 years old kid due to the availability of toys in different stores. You have to keep in mind two things while buying the toys for your babies i.e. it should be colorful and it must have sound which helps in the child’s physical and mental growth. It is very important to choose the toys for your 1-2 years babies because they pass a very crucial time when they become a toddler. It is the time when your child becomes interested in almost everything and they learn to talk fluently. It is also the time for your child’s mental development and exploring the world for them. There are different kinds of educational toys in the market for your 1-2 years old child which will enhance their mental abilities. In this period of time they can sort out things by color and size. You can choose activities like finger painting, modeling clay , drawing etc in which you can also take part which will give him a lesson of team work. You can make him explore the world around him by buying replica of familiar and unfamiliar animals. By introducing work books and electronic games will surely improve their mental development. To increase their curiosity you can buy toy cars or trains which will stimulate them to think how it works.
It is said that the toddlers do not forget the memories of this period throughout their life. As the children spend a huge portion of time in playing, we can provide them educational entertainment by toys. Toys can be a great medium for introducing letters and numbers to the toddlers. It is proven that the pull-along toys are helpful for emotional development of the kids.
It is the perfect time for the toddlers to introduce them to the fascinating world of building blocks. Once they learn how to make different shapes with blocks, it is impossible to make them apart from it. Obviously, it helps to improve their imaginative power by building various shapes. It must be remembered that in place of small blocks, big blocks should be provided as the small ones can be harmful to them.
You can choose puzzle sets for your 1-2 years old kid which not only entertain them but also nourish their mental health. Initially they may need some guidance but slowly they will learn to do it by themselves.
Children can learn arranging things in order by stacking toys. In the beginning, the kid will need help from the elders which will be an easy task for him later. It is not only a great entertainment but also helps to improve the motor –function, develop the co-ordination of hand and eye of the kid.
Push toys with long handles and rolling balls or wheels are most preferable for 1 year old babies. It is safe for the children and develops their motor skills as they run and walk with it. A doll can also be a suitable toy for your baby girl as by holding it she can feel more secure and helps her to play role –playing pattern. If the doll is perfect for your baby girl, the beach set is for your baby boy. The beach set has several things like watering can, shovel, bucket, sand sifter which will make him engage in doing various activities. This set of toys keeps him busy for a long period of time and at the same time entertaining. You can carry the beach set along with you on a family picnic or garden or park.
While purchasing a toy, you should examine whether it has any small parts which is a danger to the safety of your kid. If your child has the habit of stuff everything which fits in the mouth, you should be careful in choosing toys to avoid the choking accident. Try to stay away from the toys which smell yummy like dough because it is not always possible to keep an eye on the kid who may want to give a bite on it. While buying a toy, run your finger on the edge of the toy to find out the sharp edges. A toy with a sharp edge can prove a great danger for your kid. Ask the sales clerk about the paint of the toy because lead based paint is harmful for human body. Stay away from the toys which seems heavy to you. Your kid will not feel comfortable if the toy is heavier than him and can cause accident any moment.
All 1-2 years old kids become curious about the world around them and start exploring the interesting things around them. When a kid plays, the innocent face glow with heavenly happiness. The world around him matters little to him. The likes of the children vary from each other, while some like automobiles, others like dolls and another group like something else. A toy is a source of happiness to the children but it should help them to know the world as well as improve their coordination. The selection of toys must be done carefully as it is inseparable from the kids. 1-2 years old kids play with the toys which can amuse them. The motivated toys with music and lullaby build up their senses. The educational toys will develop skills in the 1-2 years old babies. The musical toys like guitar and piano develops the imagination in the babies.
I think toddlers are explorers who learn by doing. Play creates an opportunity for them to practise and develop new skills at their own pace by following their interests. Toys can play a vital role in developing their mental growth. You may think that choosing toys is a simple task but when go to the market it becomes a difficult one. You have to get the high quality toys for your little ones which will nurture their overall mental, physical and social-emotional skills.