Different Types of Scooters: Stunt Scooters

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Children these days have more means to get around and have fun than using bikes, roller skates, and skateboards. Many scooters today have 2 hard small wheels, made primarily of aluminium and are foldable.

Others, on the other hand, have three or 4 wheels, made from plastic and are not foldable. Scooters have been in existence longer than most individuals realize.


There have also been numerous types and designs of it made by different makers throughout the years. Earlier variations of scooters have mostly been hand-made. They have crude pivots, handles or bars, and wheels.

They have big standard-size bike wheels as front wheels and much smaller wheels for rear wheels. This design enables riders to experience faster rides.

Four wheeled scooters have decks that look more like skate boards, due to the four roller skate wheels attached to them. “Freestyle Scootering” is the act of using scooters to do stunts. This is an action sport that involves carrying out freestyle tricks.


This consists of items, such as grips, one-piece bars, one-piece decks, full deck grip tapes, and customized clamps. You could discover more about scooters by going online and checking out sites associated with this specific subject.

We thought we’d seen them all, but after stumbling upon the Aeyo at this week’s ISPO Munich show, we realized there’s always another wild, new design out there. The cricket-like legs of this unique vessel convert inline skating-style motion into cycling.

A closer inspection revealed that the Aeyo, a product of Munich’s own Aemotics, is completely different from a scooter, combining aspects of skates, scooters and bicycles. Aemotics says that the Aeyo is the first scooter to be based around an inline skating motion.

Ignoring the mumbo jumbo about oxygenating body cells in Aeyo’s advertising materials, the most obvious answer is “Why not.” The Aeyo is a different way of commuting that works a variety of muscles. In addition to the legs, the vessel is designed to work the core, back and arms.

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