Are Your Children’s Toys Safe?

For young children, play is the path to learning. It’s the way they expand their cognitive, social, emotional, language and motor abilities. Play challenges children and helps them understand the world around them. For example, if your child hits a drum, he learns he can make a sound therefore learning cause and effect.

An important part of play is providing your children with age-appropriate toys that are safe. Here are a few tips from the Consumer Product Safety Commission to help with purchasing toys:

  • When buying toys read the labels. Look for the age recommendations and stick with it.
  • Check all toys periodically for broken parts or other potential hazards.
  • Use a toy box that has a lid that will stay open and not fall on a child.
  • Don’t give infants stuffed animals with small parts such as plastic eyes or nose.
  • Avoid toys that make loud noises that could damage your child’s hearing.

At Play & Learn we are sticklers for safety. The toys that are provided in our classrooms are age-appropriate and safe. But we don’t just stop there! Our safety standards go beyond our toys to our playground equipment which meets the standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, our 24-hour camera surveillance at every center and the personal identification number that is assigned to each family which must be entered into a keypad to gain access to any Play & Learn Center. To learn more about our Safety Standards, visit us!

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