How to Choose Gifts Toys For Kids

Provide something for children or babies should not be arbitrary because they are somehow not an adult who understands the rules in playing the toy so that the slightest mistake could be fatal. Parents must be keen in choosing toys for their children, do not just see a cheap price and then ignores all the risks.

Here are some rules to give toys to the children:

1. Note Age Players On Label Wrap Packaging

In the toy packaging is usually no information age / age of children who may play toy. Adjust to the age of our children. Do not provide toys for children 3 years for children under one year. But may provide toys for children ages two years to six years.

2. Read the User Information Toys

See the user manual or the information contained on the packaging of toys. See if there are parts or particles that can be dislodged so that it can make our children the dangers. Also read the other info we should be aware.

3. Toys That Use Batteries / Battery

If toys are used batteries, consider whether the lid firmly closed is not easy to open. Note also the battery is in it not to use low-quality battery that easily leak poison our children.

4. Beware Toys With Hazardous Materials

Sometimes the toys that come from outside the state there that do not follow government standards because it uses ingredients that are not appropriate toys for children. Note the plastic material, fabric, fur materials, paint materials, wood materials, metal / metal and other materials. not to use ingredients that are harmful to children because children love to bite and inserting toy into her mouth so that harmful substances can enter freely into the body.

5. Treat and Clean

Each toy requires good maintenance and cleaning to keep your child safe play our baby. Clean the toys in accordance with the material and also the basic rules and specific have to remove dust, germs viruses bacteria and other impurities. If there are broken toys immediately fixed or secured so as not to endanger our children.

6. Give Toys That Educate

As much as possible for the parents or others who want to give small gifts to children toys / baby, give toys which are educational even more expensive. A good educational toy will be able to develop skills and abilities of children, such as motor skills, logic skills, ability to remember, intelligence, faith is devotion, and others.

How to Teach Children Toy-Making

Teddy bears have been around for over a hundred years. Dolls have been around for many thousands of years; they were first made when people started to make carvings out of stone.

From the dawn of time children have clearly loved to have these little play companions.

Making your own toys and then maybe even clothes to dress them in as well is not so difficult to do. In fact, it is a very good way to start learning dress-making skills because the projects are small-scale and don’t take too long to finish.

Getting children involved in handicrafts is a very good way of improving their hand-eye-brain co-ordination. Almost every child likes making things, and if they can finish up with a little character to name and play with, the exercise will have a lot of meaning for them.

Points to Remember

Any fabric and stuffing used should always be washable. Fabric with a pile; this means a surface texture, and with toy-making this usually means fur, needs special attention when cutting and sewing.

Soft toys can be furry or they can be made from printed fabrics, tartans or brightly-coloured felts. Some felt now is washable. Don’t use fabrics that fray easily because the seams on toys are often smaller than the ones used on garments.

In fact, if working with fur fabric is too difficult for little fingers, then felt or cotton fabrics can be a good alternative. Felt can be sewn wrong sides together so is suitable for making small toys that are easy to construct.

It is very important that any extra parts should be child-safe especially for a baby who will inevitably put the toy in his or her mouth. Whether you use shop-bought eyes that are fixed on with rings or buttons you sew on, they must be extremely secure otherwise they may become a choking hazard.

When you start toy-making, it would be best to choose a pattern that does not have too many pieces to sew together. You can buy kits in shops and you can even find free patterns for soft toys on websites.


If you have bought a kit, identify all the pieces first and read through the instructions to orientate yourself. Keep the small parts safe in the bag until they are needed.

If you have bought a soft toy animal pattern, the pieces may have an arrow on them. This is the direction in which the pile (fur) should lie (downwards or backwards on the finished animal). Make sure the pattern pieces are laid on the wrong (back) side of the fabric correctly.

It is very important to push the tip of your scissors through the pile and cut the base fabric only.


Follow the instructions you have with your kit or pattern carefully step by step. They often have diagrams which will be useful.

When you sew fur fabric, push the pile inside the seam with your needle as you work so that no fur is sticking out on the inside of the toy – then you will not get bald seams once the work is turned out the right way.

Don’t forget to leave a gap at the side or base of the toy for turning it the right way out.

A gusset is a piece of fabric that makes a sewn item three-dimensional. On a toy this is often the forehead.


When stuffing a toy, use small amounts of stuffing at a time and stuff through one side from just under the arm on an upright toy, or the centre of the stomach on a toy that has four legs.

Stuff the head first and then the limbs before you start stuffing the body. A blunt pencil can help you push stuffing into the limbs.

The stuffing should be packed in quite tightly. It will soften after the toy has been played with for a while.

Once the toy is stuffed, the hole left for stuffing will have to be sewn up from the outside using ladder stitch. Stitch across the hole in a zigzag fashion with strong thread and then pull the two fabric edges together to close the gap (making sure the stuffing is all contained inside the toy).

The pile on fur fabric will cover the stitching, but otherwise as long as the stitches are neat they shouldn’t show up too much.

Rag dolls can be made from stout, cotton fabrics or soft flannelette, clothes can be made from small off-cuts of fabric. This can be an economical way of making toys.

Sew the face on before stuffing the toy and attach the hair after stuffing.

If the finished toy is not perfect, it will still be full of character. Anyone learning a new skill, whether they are a child or an adult, makes mistakes and learns from them. But it really won’t take too long to learn how to make toys.

Concern As Parents on Children Toys Safety

The newspapers, TV station, internet and parents forum and office corridor conversation are talking about the recent Mattel toy recall. As a mum to my 5 year old angel, I am extremely concern about this message. My mum told me this news on first recall some 2 weeks ago. I brushed it aside thinking this happened only in China. But at the back of my mind, my mind is racing and pulling out my collections of the most recent toys which my husband, my colleagues in China has bought for my daughter. Yes there are Barbie toys, lots of it.

Just yesterday, on the Singapore main newspaper and TV station, news of Mattel Toy recall was highlighted prominently. Quickly, I did a metal check and realized that 30 % of my daughter’s toys (given as gifts from relatives, friends, my parents) are from Mattel. Ranging from Barbie, Polly Pockets, Dora and some other Disney characters. My heart beats fast, I am becoming seriously worried.

Turning onto my internet, I started surfing Mattel website for more recall information. The link pointing to Singapore recall was up but stated as under – construction (Yuks, this is no good!). I check on the Mattel Care hotline (available only during office hours). The phone has been engaged the full day.

I am frustrated. I am extremely concern as the news of Dora toy recall was mentioned in our newspaper but not on Mattel Website. This is conflicting

As I have subscribed to Fisher Price ‘s (subsidiary brand of Mattel) newsletter for toys and updates, I was surprised that Mattel CEO Bob Eckert sent emails to its Fisher price membership mailing list informing of their recall.

Anyway, I am prepared to sent these toys back to Mattel. However, how am I going to tell my “princess” that she will not have her toys to play with? 30% of her toy (2 full boxes) and 1 big Dora house ! My parenting instinct tells me that I have to tell her camly and let her emotionally prepared to part with her toys willingly.

So I pulled her aside, show her the newspaper (which fortunately has pictures of Barbie and other toys). I told her some “bad” people use bad paint and magnets in these toys. The bad things on thse toys will hurt her and cause her to be sick. So Mummy is worried about her health. I specifically use these words “Mummy loves you and do not want to see you sick. If these paints on the toys will cause you sick, I will take it away.” She started to understand what I meant. She said ” Yeah, I do not want to be sick. I cannot go Sunday school and roller blade when I am sick.” So I told her” So no Barbie dolls and Dora toys as Mummy wants to put it away.” She replied and nodded with a “Yes”.

So it was good for me. My “princess” was very understanding and she has taken this well.

As for me, nothing is more important than the health of my daughter. I am sure the rest of the parents also share this too.

However some tips sharing with parents when choosing toys.

1. Choose Brands that are well established.
Most of these companies are more responsible and will take actions if anything happen or they will tighten their Quality Control process.

2. Choose toys that are relevant to children’s age.

3. Check the ingredients used to make the toys and the countries where it was manufactured.
Yes nearly 80 % of the toys are manufactured in China.

Example: Wooden brick toys. Those made from non toxic paint from Israel may cause S$80 per pail versus S$8 from a store in Singapore (made in China) or RMB 8 in China Once, my princess got wooden blister on her finger when playing one of this when she was just 36 months.

4. For special occasion like birthdays or Christmas or children’s day, you can provide a list of toys or gifts who want to buy something for your kids. This can prevent duplication of same toys or too much of one type of toys versus others.

5. Identify if the toy can help the child in

– Pure creative playing ( Example: Finger puppets)

– Innovation ( Example: Beach or garden tool set for exploration)

– Problem solving (Puzzle; starts with 2,3,4,6 pieces goes onto 12-24-64 pieces as they grow older)

– Role play (Doll house, dressing up)
Acting different characters (Papa or mama, rabbit, kitten or tiger etc.)

Whatever it is, a toy given to a child should not be viewed just as a pacifier or a tool of convenience for busy parents. Each items given to a child, especially when they are younger as babies or toddlers, must be selected with care and considerations. Toys are very important part of children’s activities especially when they are young. So choose with considerations and much thoughts.

Top 10 Tips for Choosing Childrens Toys

If you have found this article then you either already know that choosing a toy for a child is something that should be considered very carefully, that it’s not an easy task or your own little ones had some presents they love and some they never seem to touch, and you want to know why.

These tops ten tips are based on my experience of toys, the elements that make up great toys and the careful thought about the intended use of the toy and the setting it will be used in. Follow these tips and not only will the child love the gift, the parents of the child will love you!

1) Think about the child the toy is for – This may seem obvious, but I would urge you to go a bit further than normal, don’t just consider their age, consider what they like, what have their parents talked to you about, what other toys have you seen at their house, what toys has the child played with when they have been at your house?

2) Choose the toy with siblings in mind – Does the child have many siblings, if only one, not too far apart in age then a simple game with two players can be ideal. These can be engrossing for both children and can help the children develop good bond. For children with more than one sibling an open sided toy like a Noah’s ark, a pirate ship or toy garage is ideal as it allows many children to gather around the toy and play together, this is a great tip for avoiding arguments and fights!

3) Does the toy have more than one element to play with – This is around ensuring that the toy does not get played with once then abandoned, instead of buying a simple wooden car, try Automoblox, they are wooden cars and construction kits in one, they also have a registration number and an owners club, ensuring that the gift keeps giving.

4) Consider what the parents want – This is one to score some points with the parents, are they trying to introduce language, reading, writing, potty training, there are gifts, games and books around all these topics which can result in a very thoughtful gift.

5) Consider where the gift will be stored – By carefully thinking about how much space the parents have you will ensure that your gift won’t be met with raised eyebrows. A 100 piece train set may be a great gift for the child but if the childs toybox is already full a puzzle which does not take up too much room maybe more appreciated.

6) How long will the toy last – I may be a little biased here, if you want the toy to last; buy wood, plastic shatters, breaks, splinters, cracks and falls apart, wooden toys appreciate character with a few knocks and scrapes, they don’t fall apart and last a lot longer.

7) Educational – This can be the traditional educational aspect such as counting, learning the alphabet with magnetic letter sets, learning to tell the time with counting clocks or learning colours and shapes with shape sorter and stackers. But this can also be buying toys to help children who are not particularly good at certain elements, a cargo pick up trike is a great gift for the toddler or young child who doesn’t like tidying up, he will soon begin when it becomes a game. Play food, shops and wooden high tea sets can be great for encouraging difficult eaters, they can role play feeding their own toys and dolls and will be more comfortable feeding themselves.

8) Exercise – All parents want their children to exercise and make sure they are fit and healthy. A toy such as a wooden ride on toy or a simple push along toy which will encourage children to run around and use up some of that surplus energy will be well loved by children and their parents.

9) Toys that teach children a story – The Noah’s Ark must be the classic for this, but there are others, this is good to help develop a bond between child and parent or older sibling, purchasing a toy that allows a story to be told is a toy that will generate lots of fond memories for the child and the story teller.

10) Value – to me this means not only value for money and that the toy is not too expensive, and doesn’t need batteries replacing every other week (another plus for wooden toys) but it should also deliver on play value. Will the toy really stimulate the child does the toy really have the potential to be part of an in depth role playing game, like a pirate ship or a fire station, or if its an activity centre, does it real contain enough activities.

I hope that you find these tips useful and they give you something to think about when next selecting that special gift fo the special child in your life.

Important Traditional Children Toys!

Clearly technology plays a great role in selecting the best possible shopping experience, there are many things that are beyond the test of time. Children toys, the best companion of young ones, have been enjoyed by people over the barriers of clock. Thanks to better technology and awareness, people are choosing exclusive kids furniture, kids chairs, children beds and ride on toys to help their children enjoy a lot.

Following are some of the interesting patterns of traditional toys for children;

Sticks, Stones, and Cardboard Boxes:
Fantasy and imagination are great companions for children.They want their ideals 24×7 to absorb in their environments. It is really interesting to have things all the time to be included in the normal play of children easily. Encourage your children to have fun and enjoyment with their favorite sticks, cardboard boxes and stones.

Stuffed Animals:
Animals in different forms entertainment human beings and give a strong sense of love and contentment in today’s fast paced lifestyle. At the tender age, children love to be with animals in form of stuffed toys in shapes of different common animals. Most children love them intensely and find it very difficult to part with their chosen toys.

Action Based Toys:
With the changing preferences, children are taking pleasure in various action based toys. While most parents just assume that their kids play quietly in their play rooms, children want actions in their lives. All kinds of toys that give quick, instant and furious fun are clear winners in the eyes of kids.

If you are looking for an exact toy for your kids, make sure you take care of the above mentioned details to make a profitable purchase.

Children Toy Storage Furniture

Furnishing your child’s bedroom can be quite a task. There are a lot of things to consider when selecting a toy storage unit. The model you pick should be relatively compact, but still capable of accommodating several play items. It needs to be safe to use, as well as durable.

The children’s toy storage bench is a true classic, especially when they’re made from wood. It can serve a number of practical purposes apart from keeping all the play things organized. Your child can sit on it when changing and tying his/her shoes. The youngsters can also use it as part of their games.

Bookcase storage furniture items are becoming more and more popular. They can be made from wood or plastic and you can readily pick one that suits your budget best. These are usually equipped with a bottom toy chest and have a number of shelves that can accommodate small and fragile items as well as books and even alarm clocks. One of the main advantages of these children toy storage units is that they can be used even when your kid is growing up.

Organizers are also extremely popular. They are a fine choice because they do not take up a lot of space. They are usually a bit taller than the standard toy boxes for children, but they provide convenient access to all of the stored items. Plus, the arranged bins allow for the different toys to be stored separately which adds to the comfort of your kid. Another great thing about these models is that they are made from hard plastic and tend to be more than affordable. They are also quite strong and come with beautiful colorful decorations that make them more than appealing for the children.

You can opt for any of these children toy storage units. Just remember to take into account not only your requirements, but also the preferences of your youngster when making a choice. The model you pick has to be relatively compact, but still capable of accommodating as many play items as possible. It has to be easy and above all perfectly safe to use.